1. Indecisive.

  2. Reruns


  3. I should be sleeping.

  4. Barbarian Group-NYC

  5. prettyclever:






  6. flatstudio:


    #wytrawnarobota is our new project concerning the limited edition of packaging. Bottles of wine are often thought as gifts for our friends and clients.

    Etiquettes and wrapping paper were made using the technique of screen printing. The symbol which is placed on hand-made tubes was dry-printed. The complementation of the entire project is the series of posters which advertise each of the bottles.

    By Hopa Studi

    Yes, I still believe in wine packaging. They told us this was overdone in school. Fuck them.

  7. Feeling Color Block-y

  8. jamestolich:

    Whilst back in New Zealand I worked on some food photography with The Roaming Dive  

    I have been working on this brand with a close friend Pete for just over a year now, Initially creating the trucks branding ( a side project away from photography ) the photos were great opportunity to unify my two skill sets. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my amazing partner Georgie who did the food styling 

    I have decided to be a little more descriptive with my posts as I have been posting in silence for the last 3 years and would like to connect with my followers more, I enjoy answering the questions about my techniques so keep them coming 


    What happens when food and design have sex.

  9. clientsfromhell:

    Professional Distance: On a very special episode of Clients From Hell, a visit to the doctor ends with a website in a strange colour scheme. Also, somebody dies. Probably? Look, just watch the show. It’s free, people!

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  10. We don’t want to make people think too hard, we aren’t ‘The Beatles’.

    — What the fuck is wrong with The Beatles?

  11. Advertising For Furniture

    Fools rush in.

  12. Dewey Color Chart System.
You’re welcome.

    Dewey Color Chart System.

    You’re welcome.