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    Good Fucking Design Advice 

    Very minimalistic advice here.

  5. It is official, PC’s Suck

    So upon my following of ‘Fuck Yeah Helvetica’, I wanted to create and submit a work that exhibited both my love for the typographic masterpiece and my artsy talents. So at school I have to attend a lab for the second half of my class and while its against my religion to design on a PC, I figured that it at least had photoshop and illustrator on it so I attempted to create. To my disappoitment however, I find that none of the PC’s in this school have Helvetica on them! I say again, none of the PC’s in this school have Helvetica on them!! And so on that note, I will no longer sin against the Mac by even attempting to create/design ANYTHING on this horrible, terrible, constantly malfunctioning clunky, drab, art killer!