1. Stank face.

    Stank face.

  2. Drugs

    Better than most people I know

  3. Nebula’s Duet

    I am electric

    hearing all worlds

    slowly swaying in their cadence

    while stranded in the darkness of space

    but in my overwhelming emptiness

    I sing a song.

  4. missunderseige said: Hope you're okay..I actually really like reading your shit*:)

    That’s sweet of you to say that, really, there was a period of like 30 seconds where I felt warm and fuzzy on the inside. I’m okay, growing pains just get really annoying when you thought you were done with them.

  5. Tell Me It Gets Easier

    I wish I had a problem—like an actual thing to refer to, or to blame my inexplicable actions on. I have my flaws of course, but none of them validate whatever is wrong with me, to which point, I don’t believe that there is anything wrong I just know that I’m not right…and I mean that comparatively, as in, I know that I’m not right for this particular crowd. I don’t know if that makes sense.

    For the greater half of my day, I’m a manic denizen confined to a colorless cube of mediocrity and corporate sharecropping. I’m surrounded by things and people I could never truly take an interest in aside from our views on drugs, and lastly—all of these people appear to be fine with whatever this all is. It isn’t a matter of if I’m depressed because I know that I can’t be—I mean I don’t really know. All I know is when I’m here, I’m more miserable than anything and I don’t understand why. My ego leads me to presume that my disconnection is due to my intellectual/cultural incompatibility with these people, but you can’t not interact with people just because you’re interests differ—right?

    This must sound so self-absorbed but I’m honest and I’m confused. I don’t talk to anyone about it because I can never get my words together or I just feel as though everyone fucking sucks at giving any advice…its as if whatever I’m experiencing is one-of-a-kind and that couldn’t be further from the truth…I suspect everyone is just lying to themselves, its like a joke that everyone is in on except me.

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  7. H



  8. Hiatus.

    Always feeling the need to say things no one cares to hear.

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